Controlling Body Weight with Zi xiu Tang

Zi xiu tang bee pollen is quickly becoming the food of choice for controlling body weight. This potent combination of natural herbs and bee pollen offers a host of  advantages for the human body.

Bee pollen is so nutritional balance that the FDA considers it a food instead of a supplement.

Studies have shown it creates more endurance,  lowers your cholesterol levels, balances your body metabolism, enhances libido,  and also studies have shown, it can aid with the fight against cancer.

Zi xiu has unique properties, that actually helps to “balance the imbalance” in body metabolism. Tang helps trigger calorie burns that become important factors on controlling your body weight.

With a very low calorie count at 90 per ounce,  it’s a natural food that is very compatible with the body. With no additional chemical substance,  your body will reduce weight natural.

Contains 15%  Lecithin

A big part of controlling body weight is the food contains 15% of lecithin, which is one amino acid that is needed to burn the fat and build muscle. Lecithin excretes fat stored in your fat cells out from your body. It also has shown evidence that it can actually decrease your appetite and reduce the craving for unsavory foods.

Zi xiu tang consists of carefully selected ingredients of:

BP helps you to detoxify the body, increase your metabolism,  and maintain skin elasticity. It’s amazing ingredients promotes skin cell metabolism for smoother face by prolonging the aging skin cells.

Chinese Yam: helps to balance immune deficiency and strengthens kidney function.

Barberry Wolfberry:  This fruit works as a antioxidant and helps with aging and vision.

Lotus Seed: Known to tonify the kidneys and nourish the heart.

Dietary Fiber: makes you feel full and helps to control your weight.

The Zi xiu tang bee pollen formula was extensively tested in over 1,000 clinical trial cases. The end result was a formula that penetrates deep into the cells, discomposing and transferring fat, thus expelling it out of the body.