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The eye stye

December 11, 2016 GNU 0

The eye stye or chalazion is a chronic swelling of the meibomian glands of the eyelid. No symptoms almost never painful, but are annoying. 1. Read More

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Symptoms of Pneumonia

December 8, 2016 GNU 0

Walking pneumonia is caused by a bacteria called mycoplasma, a kind of bacterium that casuses pneumonia. Walking pneumonia is mostly found in children between the Read More

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Dry Coughs

December 6, 2016 GNU 0

Coughing is one of our body’s ways of getting rid of what does not belong; just as a sneeze gets rid of irritants in our Read More

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What is Ultrasonography?

December 5, 2016 GNU 0

The idea of using sound to create images is nothing new. In nature, animals like bats and dolphins use a technique called “echolocation” where they Read More

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